Media Training

AtitudeCom’s Media Training goes far beyond just preparing the companies spokespeople to give interviews. Provided by AtitudeCom’s CEO, Journalist Damaris Lago and speech therapists such as Leny Kyrillos, who is one of the biggest names in the segment in Brazil nowadays, and Débora Brum (Assertive Communication), the agency’s training can last up to 8 hours and it is designed to all decision makers and company directors who are concerned about the reputation of their brands or who want to stop their brand image from wearing off in the social networks and in positioning.

Focused on prevention, Media Training is a powerful complementary risk management tool which brings communication trends to build trust between brands and their audiences.

The training also helps to understand the communication ecosystem, how the interactions with the media prevent and fix the behavior of executives who may damage the brand image of the company they represent and it teaches very effectively everyone who needs to position themselves, give interviews and speak on behalf of brands, in addition to clarifying strategic communication behavior.

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Market Recognition

For 18 years, AtitudeCom has advised hundreds of companies on creating brand image and reputation. The relationship based on transparency, respect, reliability of information and partnership, has allowed the agency to be honest, dedicated, and very close to the management of companies of all areas, sizes and sectors, whether they are public companies, multinationals, consulates, startups or micro companies.


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