Influencers Marketing Campaigns

The great differential of AtitudeCom when composing campaigns with influencers is the curatorship and creativity in the construction and planning of each action. We understand that the true relationship with the broad community of new content creators is complex and relatively new to fit into overly facilitating data and processes, a true antithesis of the essence of influence and content construction to impact and engage.

Our clients in Influence Marketing have an accurate, sensitive and strategic view of each action thought. We understand that the creator of content can be a great ally of the brands when there is a real and true syntony and, above all, a fair exchange.

Today, AtitudeCom maintains an exclusive core of action to develop campaigns in several formats. This area relies on intelligent mapping and measurement software, professionals with skills in verification and creation and a network of partners in various segments, such as film production, animation, editing, locations, etc.

Our structure is capable of absorbing actions with thousands of influencers simultaneously.

The steps to develop campaigns:

  • Development of Influence Marketing strategy;
  • Design and conception;
  • Profile mapping and metric analysis;
  • Negotiation and relationship with profiles approved by the customer;
  • Campaign Production: monitoring and curating, scripts, content co-creation; Reports.

Brands interested in learning more, contact us at -
Whatsapp:+5511 9 9985 1553 or by e-mail:

Influencers Marketing Campaigns

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