Crisis Management

The greatest asset of a brand is the perception value that it sets in its audiences. You have got to work with transparency and honesty if you want to create bonds of trust, besides managing your brand image with intelligence and positioning strategy. However, the expertise and sensitivity to build bridges is a natural skill for communication professionals and not for Lawyers and Executives in the sales or administrative areas, among others.

Ideally, a company should never face a situation that puts its reputation at risk, that is why, AtitudeCom is well-known for developing communication plans that include actions that stablish empathy e approval from all stakeholders.

It is of utmost importance that public relations professionals and press officers are at decision tables that approve campaigns, launch and choose product names, sponsors and associations to causes, and avoid 90% of cases of brand involvement in image crisis management.

But even with all the efforts along with risk management plans, no company is free from having its name involved in some sort of scandal, accident or accusation, especially with the devastating power of social media to diffuse information worldwide (whether true or false), in a matter of minutes. In these cases, it is vital the communication agency have a Press Office specialized in Crisis Management.

AtitudeCom works with prevention, dialogue and experience, analyzing possible scenarios and developments. Before established crisis, we plan efficient countermeasures based on a strategic action plan.

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