AtitudeCom was founded by journalist Damaris Lago in 2002. Just like thousands of women around the world, this businesswoman found in entrepreneurship a way to combine the needs and challenges of motherhood with the development of her career. It is a story full of courage and altruism which blends with the story of the agency itself. Along its 18 years of operation, it has exceeded the expectations of many brands by offering strategic solutions with creative courage.

AtitudeCom’s growth has always been exponential, because it was conceived and brought into existence to be an agency with innovative, vibrant, positive soul that is constantly in search of new concepts. During its first ten years of operation, AtitudeCom was focused on gaining expertise in introducing its customers in the most relevant spontaneous spaces of traditional media. Over this period, several Best Press Office in Brazil Awards were received for publicizing business events, such as Pet South America, Reatech, Exposec, FISA etc.

In 2012, the agency realized that it was of utmost importance to bring about digital transformation in all spheres. In 2013, with eyes already to the future, the first Fashion Bloggers Club in Brazil was launched for Picadilly Calçados. Since then, AtitudeCom has become specialized in the Influence Marketing sector and in the creation of multiplatform actions to serve an increasingly demanding and hyperconnected audience, but without losing its expertise which is to raise visibility of major brands in the largest and most relevant media through its media relation service.

With dozens of cases in the digital influence sector, the CEO and founder of the agency, Damaris Lago, was invited in 2017 to speak in Paris at the IV European Congress of Brazilian Bloggers, in which she talked about the future of this sector and the connections between brands and digital influencers.



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